Nick Arama writes for about an inconvenient episode from the president’s past.

Joe Biden is not a man who likes to face reality or to be challenged. 

We saw that again when he was asked about the economy and got snippy with a reporter, scolding him to “Start reporting it the right way.” 

As I noted, the translation for that is that you guys are supposed to be pumping out my talking points, the way I want them reported, not questioning me. 

However, inflation, debt, and high interest rates aren’t good for the American people, and snippy comments aren’t going to change that. 

There are not only those issues with the economy but his polls are in the basement, with people believing he isn’t up to the job. That’s a hard thing to overcome, as he isn’t going to get any younger or more coherent. 

It’s why folks like James Carville and David Axelrod were suggesting that Biden step aside and let someone else run. Biden’s response? Reportedly to call Axelrod a pr**k and not take his advice. Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) threw down over the issue, telling Carville to “shut the f**k up” about Biden stepping aside. 

Now, Biden’s own words about Jimmy Carter back in the 1980 race are coming back to bite him, as they seem to eerily mirror his own situation now.

“’That man’s in trouble, politically in trouble,’ Biden said at the time, according to comments found in the Wilmington Evening Journal. 

“The U.S. senator from Delaware expressed that he was holding off endorsing Carter because he wanted to back a candidate who could retain the White House for the Democrats in 1980. 

“’I’m not certain that’s Jimmy Carter right now,’ Biden told his local paper.” 

Why? The bad inflation that Carter seemed clueless about. And Carter wasn’t even trying to sell us the nonsense that Biden has been doing–about how everything is actually good, just believe him. Biden criticized Carter over inflation.