Nick Arama writes for about the latest dismal polling news for President Biden.

What’s hurting him badly is that he’s at 21 percent approval with white people, as well as with people between the ages of 18-34. With independents, Biden is at 19 percent approval and 67 percent disapproval. Yikes. Check how unpopular he is in Georgia and Pennsylvania, two states likely to have tough Senate races. That’s going to hurt the Democrats badly. But he’s underwater in every state, except Hawaii and Vermont. The only thing that is stopping him from dropping into the 20s is that he’s at 38 percent with the 65+ segment. But all the numbers have continued to drop, so expect that one to come down as well.

Biden is also far lower now in the Civiqs poll than President Donald Trump ever was. Biden is now lower than Trump was the day he left office, even after the media attacked Trump over the Jan. 6 riot. Trump was at 40 percent, at that point. Biden is now ten points lower than that.

It’s not just the Civiqs poll. Biden has also hit his lowest number ever in the Rasmussen poll with a 37 percent approval there, 61 percent disapproval. Again, he is now lower than Trump’s lowest number (38 percent approval). That’s gotta sting for Biden, who reportedly has been upset that he’s now coming in lower than Trump. And Trump’s numbers were influenced by very negative media despite having very successful policies.

In both polls, the Democratic approval number has to also be very concerning for Joe Biden. In the Rasmussen poll, it had been in the low 70s, now it’s just 65 percent–another record low. In the Civiqs poll, it’s 63 percent, also his lowest point. That’s a 28-point drop from what he started with when he came in on his first day, with 91 percent approval from Democrats. For context, something in the 80s is a healthy number. Being in the 60s is big trouble.