I wasn’t much impressed with the news stories today, so I thought maybe something would come of the Buncombe County Commissioners’ meeting. Once again, it was a challenge getting there. I am often frustrated by the traffic tie-ups. It seems the state has concluded it can realize savings by tearing a whole town up and paving all the roads in parallel. It is probably a smart thing, but I wonder about the traffic engineers who think turning interstates into exit-to-exit parking lots is a good thing. I know. The highway fund is supposed to disincentivize motorized traffic.

So, in the early stages of the commissioners’ meeting, one of the fire chiefs had a medical emergency. Fortunately, he was surrounded by fire chiefs. After the meeting, one of the chiefs who had gone to his aid said he was going to be OK.

Other than that, the commissioners had twenty public hearings and six new business items addressing new fire districts. The objective of redistricting was to align fire and rescue, ambulance, tax, and insurance district lines. Jerry Rice and others supposed it was a big conspiracy to walk the taxes up. The lady sitting next to me left early, but before she did, she said my articles were so much more interesting. No, I don’t embellish. I just try to cut boring stuff out.

After the meeting, Betty Jackson wanted to bend my ear about the recycling project slated for Haywood County. In her opinion, it is a pig farm with too much risk and too many externalities to go in a libertarian’s backyard. I beg to differ, and pity the pigs that would move next-door to me. I would say let the dude fail and fail big if it were on his own dime, but it’s not. He is applying for corporate welfare.