One suspects that Newsweek?s chief promoter of climate alarmism, Sharon Begley, was happy to chat with Richard Branson for the latest issue.

Though the interview does not appear to be posted yet online, here?s an unedited exchange:

Are you surprised by the intensity of climate denialism in America, including among candidates just elected to Congress? The scientific community is not skeptical, you know. But let?s assume the odds [of climate disaster] were only 50/50. If you have a 50 percent chance of getting knocked over by a car crossing the road, you?re going to take out insurance, or you?re not going to cross the road. And it just seems to me that at the very least we should be taking out insurance. But more than that, in America I don?t even talk about global warming anymore. I just talk about the fact that the resources are being depleted fast. Even the skeptics must realize that we are fast running out of oil, that we?re only a few years away from demand for oil exceeding supply, which could create the mother of all recessions if fuel goes up to $150, $200 a barrel, and that the West should not be reliant o foreign oil from a stability point of view.

No skepticism, eh? It?s time for Branson to talk to people other than Sharon Begley.

While learning about the flaws in the climate alarmists? arguments, Branson might also want to study the history of ?peak oil? warnings.