Qliance, a direct primary care network located in Seattle, is one of over 5,500 practices in the nation that provides basic health services in exchange for a monthly cash payment. Since its establishment in 2007, Qliance has developed a reputation for contracting with large corporations like Amazon and Expedia, Inc. to offer preventative medical care for their employees. In fact, one of its clinics operates inside Expedia’s headquarters.

Xconomy.com discusses the benefits direct care brings to patients and employers:

Once people use “direct primary care” that avoids insurance, Qliance says consumers can get a catastrophic health insurance policy to cover them in case of a serious accident, or a cancer diagnosis, that is beyond the scope of what a primary care doc can treat. 

By combining the monthly fee of primary care with the secondary insurance, Qliance contends employers and patients can save as much as 50 percent on their overall health spending, and improve overall health by making it easier for people to see a primary care doc who can help them focus on prevention and wellness.