Helen Raleigh writes for the Federalist that now is the time to account for the mistakes of the COVID lockdown regime.

One of the most disturbing images of the Covid-19 pandemic was when a teacher tried repeatedly to force a mask on a crying toddler, despite his visible distress.

In some ways, the U.S. government at all levels, especially among public health officials, treated all of us like toddlers, compelling us to endure draconian Covid measures from mask mandates to vaccine mandates despite many scientific studies showing none of them have stopped Covid from spreading in our society and infecting people. There has been no national reckoning on what went wrong in our pandemic response and who should be held accountable, and there are new signs those same ineffective and sometimes cruel Covid measures are coming back to dictate Americans’ lives this fall.

White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre announced this week that President Joe Biden would start wearing a mask again after his wife tested positive for Covid. The president and the first lady had received Covid vaccines and boosters before and were infected anyway. But the facts haven’t stopped President Biden from encouraging all Americans to get Covid booster shots this fall. Meanwhile, Rosemary Hills Elementary School in Maryland handed out KN95 masks to third graders because more than three students were infected with Covid. At the University of Michigan, students who test Covid-positive still have to leave their dorm (even if in a single room) and isolate themselves in a hotel for five days.

This renewed Covid hysteria is unwarranted because, three years after the coronavirus outbreak spread from China to the rest of the world, we have learned that many government measures have failed to prevent Covid’s spread while causing undue harm. For example, research from as early as fall 2021 showed that vaccines didn’t prevent the virus from transmitting, and natural immunity is at least as protective as vaccines.