William Hawkins writes for the American Thinker about the ultimate goal of campus anti-Israel protesters.

As campus protests turned violent, necessitating police operations to clear illegal encampments, the true agenda of the activists became apparent. Initially, the demonstrations were presented as saving innocent lives in Gaza with a cease-fire and humanitarian aid. Within this demand lurked the desire to save the Hamas terrorist group from defeat; a group that was using civilians as human shields. They charged that Israel was conducting “genocide” in Gaza with its offensive to clear out the thugs who had purposely massacred civilians in Israel on October 7, 2023. However, the genocide issue quickly shifted as the campus radicals openly embraced the Hamas objective of destroying Israel “from the river to the sea.” Indeed, the only side in this conflict calling for genocide is Hamas.

Israel has shown incredible restraint in trying to separate Hamas fighters from the general Gaza population, using its excellent intelligence capability to direct precision strikes and targeted raids. Civilian casualties are a tragic part of any war, especially in urban areas where the people are openly in support of Hamas. But again, only Hamas has genocide as its declared policy backed up by brutal behavior. So, when activists declare “I am Hamas” and fly their flag and repeat their genocidal slogans, no sympathy can be accorded them.

It is no surprise that leftists would take this stance. There is a large network of well-funded organizations that side with every enemy of the West. Most date back to the Cold War when the Soviet Union was seen as the main global “restraint” on the American Empire. Israel has long been a target, being seen as a Crusader State or “white colony” planted in the Middle East by Western imperialism. That there were Israelites 2,000 years before Mohammad was born, making the Jews an indigenous people to the region, is written out of “progressive” history.