State Rep. John Rhodes is currently fighting a valiant rear-guard action against the forces of evil backing the Mecklenburg County car rental tax hike — also known as the CATS/Bankers’ Wives Bailout Act — and has received some help from Americans for Tax Reform. ATR’s uber-policy wonk Grover Norquist has written a second open letter to legislators in Raleigh urging them to reject the tax hike.

There are so many lies and distortions around this issue and vote there may not be enough time to bring the truth to enough honest people. And that assumes there are more than a half-dozen honest people in the General Assembly, a dicey assumption at best.

But let’s be clear about this: A vote for this bill is a vote for gross fiscal irresponsibility and blatant civic fraud. If City Manager-for-Life Pam Syfert ran a private business the way she runs city government, she’d be frog-marched down to the courthouse in no time. Just how many co-conspirators does she have? Let’s see there’s John Lassiter, Lee Keesler, Ron Tober. How many more?

We’ll soon find out.