Something there is that doesn’t like a wall, and something there is that does. Determining where jurisdictions of office holders ought to be is racist, ethnocentric, classist, or some kind of phobic. I’ve ranted about this before. If I believe in district elections as more representative than at-large elections, then I changed from a hayseed mountaineer to a trailer trash riff-raff the day I moved from Fairview to a West Asheville mobile home park. I then became a rich snob when I sublet a room by the Grove Park Inn. In my next move, I became a middleclass suburbanite, but picked up Latino special interests upon moving to Hendersonville. I reverted to my moonshiner ways when I moved to Madison County, remained a cosmopolitan metrosexual for several years in Asheville, but am now a healthcare professional, living in South Asheville. I’m glad my representatives care enough to define my interests with their district lines.

P.S. Don’t comment on this thread unless you live in South Asheville because I can’t possibly relate to you. Don’t even try.