From Carolina Journal’s Dan Way:

State lawmakers told tales of destruction of and struggles in hurricane-battered communities before unanimously approving $56.5 million spread over two emergency response bills.

Debate was muted as members voted on the bipartisan measures, which House and Senate appropriations subcommittees approved earlier Tuesday, Oct. 2. With schools and roads still closed, residents homeless, businesses inoperable, and public health at risk, providing immediate assistance overshadowed election season politics.

“I have a town that is now gone. It does not exist anymore. The Town of Fair Bluff is off the map,” said state Rep. Brenden Jones, R-Columbus, encouraging passage of the bills during House debate.

House Bill 4 and Senate Bill 2 addressed issues ranging from school pay and calendars to community relief programs and emergency election measures.

Tuesday’s Hurricane Florence relief session marked the third special session of 2018. Lawmakers adjourned after passing the two bills. They had been set to return Oct. 9, but pushed the date to Oct. 15.

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