News 14 Carolina’s statewide “Capital Tonight” audience heard political analysis this week from Carolina Journal Managing Editor Rick Henderson. Among the topics Henderson discussed was the potential impact of federal sequestration cuts. The Mooresville Tribune published Henderson’s CJ editorial on state occupational licensing rules.

A Carteret County News-Times letter writer cited CJ Executive Editor Don Carrington‘s report on North Carolina mountain man Eustace Conway. An American Thinker article about the prospect of federal regulators targeting 401k retirement accounts cited CJ contributor Karen McMahan‘s article on a similar topic. A Greater Wilmington Business Journal article on the New Hanover County school superintendent noted that he reads Carolina Journal Online regularly.

N.C. Senate Republicans’ daily press email promoted Associate Editor Barry Smith‘s article on restoring party labels to state judicial elections, Associate Editor Dan Way‘s report on the General Assembly’s “Education Week,” Way’s story on proposals to change the state’s certificate-of-need law, contributor Sam Hieb‘s article on legislation targeting union activity, and contributor Andy Taylor‘s column offering higher education suggestions to state Republican leaders.