ESPN’s John Clayton is reporting that David Carr is absolutely going to start against Tampa Bay in about four hours down at BofA Stadium.

Here’s hoping Carr get some run support and a defense that does something to Jeff Garcia besides watch him throw quick slants to wide open receivers.

Still, Carr may have to outscore the Bucs to win. I think that happens. Panthers, 35-30.

Update: What an idiot I am. This franchise has even more problems than I imagined. I amend my 6-10 projection down to 4-12. As ever, it starts at the top with the Big Cat unwilling to lose underperforming vets like Morgan, Rucker, Colbert, Goings etc.

And here is a standing challenge to the beat reporters for the Panthers: Tell me what Julius Peppers weighs. Right now. I doubt it is over 260. Might be 240. Go ahead — I dare you to zero in on this vital stat.

Otherwise, I look forward to more features on who is wearing what gloves. Losers all around.

Update II: Talk is the Rams may go 0-16. Yeah, that win is looking good.