The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a pres-season profile on Julius Peppers. A portion of the article touches on Peppers’ time here in Charlotte with the Panthers:

An immediate starter in Carolina, Peppers put up 12 sacks as a rookie, played in the Super Bowl in Year Two and was voted to the first of his seven Pro Bowls as a starter in Year Three.

It all came so easily.

“I’ve admitted (that) when I was young, I wasn’t necessarily trying to hone in on the fundamentals and the small things because I knew I could beat people using my body,” he said. “Footwork, hand placement, pad level…the small things are really the big things.”

The youthful Peppers didn’t pay much heed to tape study, either. He has since realized the error of his ways.

“It’s like you’re studying for a test, and you’ve got the answers right here,” he said. “Once you get to the game, you should be able to pass easily because you know what’s coming.”


H/t: JAT