So reports the Charlotte Observer, here:

We’re No. 56 out of 56, according to Nielsen.

In Salt Lake City, the nation’s No. 1 consumer of televised Olympics, an average of 22.5 percent of the households are tuned in during prime time. In No. 2 Denver, it’s 20.8 percent and in No. 3 Indianapolis it’s 20 percent.

In Charlotte, whose television market includes 22 counties from the Virginia line to Chester, S.C., it’s 12.9 percent.

If we rally in the last few days, we could still catch No. 55 Providence, R.I., where the Olympics are watched in 13 percent of households or Detroit, which ranks 54 with 13.9 percent.

Of course, even 12.9 percent viewership is still really good in this day and age.

Ken Haines, retired president of Charlotte-based Raycom Sports, attributes this to the region getting use to top level professional sports (Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Hornets) and the lack of a major university in the Charlotte area to drive interest in Olympic sports.