OK, of last week. So it seems that Pappas Properties wants to build a large development on Kenilworth, featuring an office building or two, a hotel, some retail, 900 parking spaces, 250 apartments, and maybe a grocery. Which gets us to this, per the UPoR:

If the grocery is built, Pappas Properties said it wouldn’t need to expand the size of the parking deck, which would handle cars for the hotel, apartments, retail and office space.

The cars coming to and from the development would be arriving at different times, because of the different uses of the development, Pappas Properties said. The cars for the apartments would leave in the morning, which would leave spaces for the office buildings and retail.

[Wade] Finger [of Pappas Properties] said the parking deck for the nearby Metropolitan development uses the same concept of having cars come and go at different times.

OK, I’m really not sure why you’d ever want to mention Charlotte’s most dysfunctional parking deck as an argument for what you’re proposing, but Pappas Properties chose to go there. Council member Vi Lyles provided the inevitable reply:

“If that’s a successful parking deck, we won’t be building that.”