OK, to be technical, a new contractor to run the airport’s recycling operation. As the UPoR describes it:

The worms at Charlotte Douglas International Airport could soon be under new management, as the airport seeks a new contractor to run its recycling program.

The Airport Recycling Center has been beset with delays, cost overruns and equipment malfunctions, an Observer investigation in December showed. The program centers around two innovative ideas: Sorting all of the terminal’s trash and recyclable goods and selling the recyclables, and using more than a million red wiggler worms to eat travelers’ food scraps.

According a request for proposals the airport published late last week, Charlotte Douglas is looking for a new vendor to staff and operate the recycling center. Since 2011, Cornelius-based Go Green, Reduce Reuse Resell has operated the facility, although its owner has sometimes butted heads with airport management over whether it was fulfilling its duties.

You can read more about the latest developments in what most definitely wasn’t one of Jerry Orr’s better ideas here.