One “bonus” of the Dems opting to hold their convention in Charlotte is that the Queen City is now of the radar of various anarchist and radical environmentalist groups. These groups want, as much as anything else, attention to their cause. So you get things like the anti-Bank of America banner that the Rainforest Action Network hung at Bank of America stadium today.

The real question is how the city responds. And my guess is not well. With the city’s two key business as targets, expect the city of adopt increasingly draconian measures to suppress these sorts of stunts, which in turn will only spur protestors to try harder and do more. And at some point, the city will be sued in court and lose a First Amendment challenge to some of its inevitably coming new and improved restrictions. And some innocent resident also gets arrest at some point for walking their dog with a backpack on at the wrong spot or something like that, which will get way too much press attention and cause the city a lot of embarrassment.

Bonus observation
: I’m looking forward to the city banning Clif bars in extraordinary event areas. That should make for a lot of fun.