The ‘us’ being Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan and City Manager Jim Westmoreland. Needless to say International Civil Rights Center Museum Deena Hayes-Greene and executive director John Swaine aren’t saying anything about the museum’s financial well-being—or lack thereof— so the N&R “asked Vaughan and Westmoreland — public officials with an obligation to transparency and accountability — to discuss the museum’s current financial situation and its long-term chance for success.”

What did Vaughan and Westmoreland tell the N&R?

They described a leadership less consumed with crises and more focused on making the museum financially self-sustaining. The city received the museum’s audit on time this summer, they said, and staffers are doing a good job of holding more programs that are open to the public.

“There hadn’t been a whole lot going on in the museum” in terms of special programs, exhibits and other events, Vaughan said.

“They’re making the museum more of a destination than it had been before.”

Vaughan said she’s “cautiously optimistic” about the museum’s future. She later added a caveat: “… based on information we are aware of.

“If there is information we are not aware of, that is subject to change.”

Key quote is ‘based on information we are not aware of.’ Given the tight reins on information Hayes-Greene and Swaine put on information, I’d be willing to bet there is quite a bit of information of which Vaughan and Westmoreland are not aware.