Pollsters for the new Civitas Poll asked likely registered voters in North Carolina a variety of questions about how and where their kids are educated. For example, they were also asked their view of the role a parent should play in choosing where their child attends school.

The overwhelming majority – 82% – agree that parents should have that ability. The findings come during National School Choice Week. Only 32% of respondents said they would choose a traditional public school for their child if location and cost were not a factor, and just 7.5% gave their local public school an “A” grade.

That last data point is stunning. Here’s a closer look.


Think of the children who, every day, are sent into an environment with such a low expectation of the value of the time spent there. How sad. How unacceptable. We can right the ship by changing the fundamentals. Instead of funding school systems, North Carolina should fund students.

The Civitas Poll is full of fascinating data — data lawmakers can use to craft reforms in education in North Carolina. You can watch our analysts break down the results here.