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Carolina Journal reports on the latest Civitas Poll results.

Most North Carolina voters think the media has covered Robert Mueller’s investigation too much, but a majority also approve of Mueller’s performance as special counsel.

The data comes from the latest Civitas Institute statewide survey. The conservative public policy organization released its findings Tuesday, May 14, during a luncheon with special guest Donna King, host of Triangle’s Morning News on WPTF News Radio.

Harper Polling conducted the statewide survey from May 2 to May 5. Using a live-caller model, surveyors reached 500 likely voters. The margin of error is plus or minus 4.38%.

The survey asked a series of questions related to national and state politics, as well as how people felt about the direction in which the country and North Carolina are heading.

A little more than 50% of the state’s likely voters say the country is on the wrong track, while 39% say the United States is heading in the right direction. Conversely, 41% say North Carolina is heading in the right direction; 38% say the state is on the wrong track.

Typically, King said, when people are happy with the economy they’re happy with their elected officials and the direction of the country. Yet despite the strong economy, a majority of respondents think the U.S. is headed in the wrong direction.

“To me this means it’s about news coverage,” King said. “I think what you’re seeing is people are seeing a lot of protests, seeing the rise of socialism and AOC, and seeing things that concern them.”

Conversely, King said, North Carolina hasn’t gotten as much negative coverage lately.

“People are more optimistic and are happier with what is happening in North Carolina versus nationally, which I think speaks to what they are seeing in news coverage,” King said. “We’re not seeing as much news coverage of unrest. Moral Mondays aren’t going on every week. People are feeling a little more stabilized because North Carolina’s economy is going so well.”

More on the poll results here including questions on the environment, education, and the Mueller investigation.