In a special commentary published by the Kansas City Star, Carolina Journal Associate Editor Lindsay Marchello offers perspective on the efforts by conservative college students to help other students understand and embrace free markets and limited government. It’s an effort that isn’t immune from discontent and disagreement.

When a young man walked onto Kent State University’s campus wearing a diaper on Oct. 18 last year, some might have imagined he lost a bet and was paying the price.

In reality, it was a stunt promoted by TPUSA — Turning Point USA, a nonprofit college conservative organization. Members of the organization wearing diapers set up a “safe space” with toys and even a baby gate at Kent State to mock progressive students’ demands for safe spaces.

It backfired. The public mocked TPUSA instead of the “liberal snowflakes” they had aimed to satirize.

What happened next? Check out the rest of Lindsay’s column.