Editors at the Washington Examiner probe the actions of some of the most vocal climate alarmists.

Many celebrities are full of sermons about how you need to save the planet. Often, they are the very same ones maximizing their own carbon footprints by flying on private jets. This has long been known, but the internet has now made it significantly easier to quantify their hypocrisy.

Data from ADS-B Exchange, for example, show that director and climate activist Steven Spielberg had burned at least $116,000 worth of jet fuel in 2 months on his private jet, which represents an emission of 179 tons of carbon dioxide. If extended over the course of a year, that consumption alone represents 66 times the carbon footprint of the average American, and that’s before counting any driving or electricity use by Spielberg. (Guess what — his house is probably a lot bigger and more electricity-hungry than yours.)

But we don’t mean to single out the famous director. He is in very good company, along with Prince Charles, Bill Gates, Kylie Jenner, Drake, and many, many others.

Taylor Swift turns out to be the queen of carbon pollution — her documented use of jet fuel in the first seven months of this year, according to the U.K.-based organization Yard, emitted 8,293 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent. That implies an annual carbon footprint almost 900 times that of the average American. That’s just her jet use, not even counting anything else she does. Oh, and by the way, she wasn’t even on tour during that period!

John Kerry’s jet has only emitted about 20 times the average American’s annual climate footprint — and in fairness, that took him about 18 months. Kerry is Biden’s climate envoy. He is a very important person. He needs a private jet to go overseas to receive important climate awards for being such a great champion of, you know, the climate.