Next week’s Senate election in Massachusetts is really getting interesting. Are the dynamics just a fluke? Hardly. Conservatives and moderates in this country are rightly alarmed by the disastrous fiscal policies endorsed by the current Congress and White House. From the Washington Post: (emphasis is mine)

Fueled by the energy of conservative activists, a solid debate performance and a 24-hour, $1.3 million Internet fundraising haul, Massachusetts state Sen. Scott Brown (R) has thrown a major scare into the Democratic establishment in his bid to win next Tuesday’s special Senate election over once heavily favored Attorney General Martha Coakley.

The intensified activity around the campaign to fill the seat of the late senator Edward M. Kennedy (D) highlights the degree to which the race has taken on national significance. A victory, or even a narrow loss, by Brown in the competition for the symbolically important seat would be interpreted as another sign that voters have turned away from the Democrats at the start of the midterm election year.

So just how panicked are the liberals? Rick Henderson blogs about the inane, desperate media strategy here. And yep, Sarah Palin is a target.