Five weeks ago I wrote about how North Carolina was over four months behind the rest of the nation in reporting death data to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Other states’ reporting was updated through June 5, while North Carolina under the Cooper administration ended on January 30.

Since then? The other states are now updated through July 10. North Carolina added partial data for just one week, reporting now through only the first week of February (through Feb. 6).

Here are screenshots today:

United States (through the week ending July 10)

North Carolina (through the week ending February 6)

There’s simply no excuse for this. It shows where Gov. Roy Cooper, state health bureaucrat Mandy Cohen, and the rest of the administration’s priorities are. Stopping reporting at Covid’s peak makes it seem as if we’re still suffering excess deaths — but I’ve shown using CDC data that North Carolina stopped experiencing excess deaths from Covid in mid-March.

It’s conceivably difficult to maintain a “State of Emergency” if the data give the all-clear.