There is some evidence that sheriff’s deputies and/or UNC-Wilmington police officers shot through the door of the home Peyton Strickland rented in Wilmington, according to the Wilmington Star News. Strickland a graduate of Durham Jordan High School, was shot in the head and shoulder by officers trying to serve an arrest warrant for assault and robbery on Nov. 17. Two PlayStation 3s were taken in the robbery.

[Pathologist Charles L. Garrett] said Tuesday that the state medical examiner’s office in Jacksonville is working with the State Bureau of Investigation in trying to determine at what range the bullets that struck the Cape Fear Community College student were fired from.

“Some of the bullets went through intervening targets, probably the door,” Garrett said. Both bullets that struck Strickland passed through him into the house, he added.

New Hanover County Sheriff Sid Causey has refused to name the deputies involved, saying they had received threats on several Web sites.

“It’s stuff like that that’s being suggested that concerns me a whole lot when I think somebody is going to go to an officer’s house to harm him, his family or anybody else,” Causey said.

Too bad he didn’t have similar concerns when his deputies went to Peyton Strickland’s house.