Congratulations local officials and Uptown crowd. Two decades of refusing to make congestion-reduction and improved mobility the focus of our multi-multi-billion transportation plans are about to pay off.

Thanks to totally made-up crap from the EPA and modernity-hating enviro-fascists, the Charlotte area risks being permanently crippled and its quality-of-life slashed. California-style smog regs loom on the horizon, the goal being nothing less than the micromanagement of the daily lives of millions of citizens.

How can you tell? Watch the “solutions” offered to “solve” the “problem” — scared yet? — of bad air. They will be top-down and targeted at the suburbs. They will not center around telecommuting, flex-time, or four-day workweeks — all proven methods for reducing congestion and hence the worst sources of urban ozone. They will not focus on gross-polluters in the vehicle fleet — the pick-up or tax-cab spewing a blue trail down the road, emissions equal to hundreds of properly running engines.

Watch and learn.