The Uptown paper of record finally details one of the ways in which the Grand Arts plan for Charlotte is not without drawbacks. Supporters of and donors to the Mint Museum of Crafts, both individual and institutional, are rethinking and holding back funds as the museum prepares to be swallowed up in its new space at the $160 million Wachovia Arts Tower.

Fans of crafts are worried that the collection will be diluted and marginalized in the new space. They are receiving the traditional head-pat from The Powers That Be, but it is clear that primary purpose of the Wachovia Arts Tower is to provide Wachovia with an Arts Tower. The stuff that may or may not be in the building is incidental.

Similarly, the new performance spaces, which for about two years now, we’ve told you will virtually mandate that local money for live theater, in particular, will be used to pay for lighting and cleaning the new spaces rather than for producing shows.

But, hey, did you hear? Wachovia’s got a new $160 million Arts Tower!