Jordan Boyd writes for the Federalist about one U.S. senator’s top priority heading into the fall election.

Republicans are done taking the Biden administration’s assault on liberty sitting down, claimed Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, in an interview with The Federalist. He said that means stopping the executive branch’s attempts to erode Americans’ constitutional rights, one sweeping order at a time.

When Covid tyranny terrorized Americans who wanted to proceed with work, school, and life as normal, Cruz stood up to fight. He introduced a bill to ban vaccine passports, proposed legislation to end the Biden administration’s mask mandate on federal grounds, pressed U.S. military academies over their refusal to offer shot exemptions to soldiers, and fought for Nacy SEALs who were torn between obeying orders to get the jab and their convictions.

In his latest move to preserve Americans’ rights, Cruz, among 38 other Republican legislators, signed an amicus brief in support of federal workers who oppose the Biden administration’s “illegal vaccine mandate” on religious grounds. When I talked with Cruz last Thursday he said, above all, religious liberty requires the utmost attention and care because its degradation affects the exercise of every other constitutional right.

“It is not by accident that religious liberty is the very first liberty protected in the very first clause of the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights. Religious liberty is foundational to every other liberty,” Cruz said. “America was founded by men and women fleeing religious persecution, coming to a land where each of us could worship the Lord God Almighty with all our hearts, minds and souls without government getting in the way.”

Cruz has championed the free exercise of religion long before many in the Republican Party recognized just how severe the left’s quest to undermine the First Amendment would become.