At Tuesday night’s school board meeting, Republican board member Deborah Prickett commented on last week’s pathetic incident in which fellow board member, Democrat Susan Evans, yanked the microphone from Prickett’s hands in order to silence her. Prickett told the group she will not be quiet.

This was a real eye-opener. A shining light on the level of dysfunction that is being allowed and tolerated at our meetings. I’ve also noticed that the frequency, duration and the level of intensity of the incidents are escalating. Jerking a portable microphone from my hand while leaning into my personal space falls into the confines of assault.  

Some board meetings have become hostile work environments because of a few members. Disagreements and differences of opinions are normal. They’re expected and come with the job. Bullying, harassment and assault do not.

I’m glad Prickett will continue to speak out on behalf of Wake parents who want and expect a voice in their child’s education, rather than a system-focused mindset that now dominates the school board. What a shame for the children and families who will be trapped by closed minds and status-quo thinking.