Scott Johnson writes for the Powerline blog about shenanigans at a prominent Ivy League school.

It looks like the mob has taken control of Columbia University, SA style. The Columbia Spectator reports on the suspensions issued for for participation in Wednesday’s “Gaza Solidarity Encampment.” One of Ilhan Omar’s daughters (Isra Hirsi) is among the suspended students. The rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the rotten tree.

The Spectator quotes Columbia undergrad Maryam Alwan, another one of the suspended students. Alwan told the Spectator that she received a letter informing her of her interim suspension from the Center for Student Success and Intervention [!]. “I think all of these administrators need to get a grip and listen to their students and watch the news and see how many people have been killed,” Alwan told the Spectator. …

… Who are these people? Four New York Post reporters look into their background. … The Post reporters identify several rotten apples.

The Columbia “protests” and “protesters” do not support “Palestinians.” They support Hamas and other genocidal maniacs. They are subjecting Jewish students and teachers to something like a reign of terror. The Washington Free Beacon’s Meghan Blonder reports that “Columbia Students Call on President Shafik to Restore Order on Campus,” and it’s not because their feelings have been wounded. It’s because they are unsafe.

Take the case of Arab-Israeli journalist Yoseph Haddad. He was assaulted at Columbia as he thought he was about to give a lecture on campus. … Haddad’s speech was canceled. “Instead of a lecture, I went to file a police complaint,” he noted. In the tweet below he also commented on the misrepresentation of his story by Reuters. By the way, he understands the Columbia mob perfectly (“terror supporters”). No euphemisms for him. …

… Columbia’s carefully selected inmates are running this highly selective asylum.