I saw TV news reports on vandalized Romney signs in Irving Park, but honestly I didn’t think it was that big a deal.

Apparently neither does N&R Jeff Gauger, who was tipped off by a G’boro resident:

But politics is passion, and in silly season political passion can sweep over normally sober folks. So I dismissed my caller’s suggestion and let my wince pass.

“I am a conservative,” she said, continuing, “and we are said to be mean-spirited and selfish.”

“Hmmm,” I muttered, wanting only to signal that I was listening.

And I was, because I’d been at exactly this spot in many conversations, and never more so than in silly season.

I’ll give Gauger the benefit of the doubt and believe he’d show similar disinterest in a tip about defaced Obama signs defaced in east Greensboro. Still I can’t help but wonder.