Forsyth County schools are building a new access road to Glenn High School for the safety of their students, so when they drive to school they won’t have to travel Union Cross Road, which is expected to be heavily traveled by the new Dell assembly plant’s trucks. County school officials hope that the company will pay back some of the $900,000 cost for the road in the form of free computers.

But Dell liaison “Leon” reportedly responded to the schools in this way:

? “Two thousand jobs…shouldn’t you be happy that Union Cross Road is still open to you?”

? “If we made a decision today, we wouldn’t give you squat. Here’s what it’ll take: 1) free use of your athletic facilities for all Dell executives; 2) free tuition at private schools for children of Dell employees; 3) no sales taxes for Dell employees anywhere in Forsyth County; 4) Stop buying IBM computers.”

? “Not wowed here — not sure schools are stepping up here. Really is going to take some significant purchases of Dell computers by non-Dell employees who have students at Glenn.”

? “20-year program of buying Dell computers at full price … That’s my line in the sand, then we might give you five or six freebies every five years.”

? “…If a school system like Forsyth’s can’t get after this, I’m worried for our country — there’s a certain amount of patriotism here.”