Nathan Stone writes for the Federalist about a Democratic approach toward boosting military recruitment.

Americans have just witnessed another historic moment: not only a new record for the most single-day border arrests ever made; or male, military-aged Chinese nationals illegally entering the country through California and joining the espionage nodes known as Confucius Institutes and a Chinese Communist police station in New York City — but a proposal for these illegal aliens to join the military.

The proposal last week was made not by some Twitter screecher or Ibram X. Kendi but by sitting Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin who, in a speech on the Senate floor, said:

“Do you know what the recruiting numbers are at the Army, Navy, and the Air Force? They can’t reach their quotas each month. They can’t find enough people to join our military forces. And there are those who are undocumented who want the chance to serve and risk their lives for this country. Should we give them a chance? I think we should.” 

The military recruitment lows are not news. Funnily enough, that is what happens when you make it a point to drive away the people most likely to enlist and serve. There was Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s stand-down order to allow each branch “to discuss the threat posed by white supremacy and similar extremism.” And since “white supremacy” has become just another sponge term to signify positions that oppose the plans of the left, a routing out of white supremacy meant the removal of personnel with political beliefs anathema to the Democrat regime. …

… The recruitment shortage is a problem entirely of the left’s making, and now that the full consequences are in force, the same left is using the crisis as justification for not only weakening the military but also, potentially, attacking American citizens.