• 7th Congressional District GOP candidate Woody White has updated his campaign website, adding several issue-oriented videos. Here’s one with his ideas on job creation.


• The conservative polling and political strategy group American Insights finds Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan with narrow leads over all three presumed front-runners from the GOP, defeating Thom Tillis, Mark Harris, and Greg Brannon by 3, 4, and 2 points, respectively. Many voters remained undecided, however. In Hagan’s best showing, against Harris, she gets 39 percent of the vote.

• Looking way down the road (as in 2016), American Insights finds Gov. Pat McCrory beating Attorney General Roy Cooper 44-38 in a head-to-head race for governor.

• The “first family of racing,” Richard, Kyle, and Austin Petty, have endorsed High Point Republican Don Webb in the nine-candidate primary to succeed retiring Rep. Howard Coble in the 6th Congressional District.

• WRAL-TV profiles the races for appellate court judges, most of which won’t heat up until the fall.