I wasn’t quite sure how to present this item from WRAL this afternoon. After all, it could be a “Spot the Bad News” entry along the lines of others I’ve done (among others: less violence in Iraq means economic hardship for gravediggers; there’s harmonious interaction between black Democrats and white Republicans … in opposing abortion; Protestants make good fathers but they’re still Protestants; and the Chinese are no longer suffering mass starvations, but that means some are getting obese and straining public-health budgets).

But it lends itself rather well to the “Drawing the Wrong Conclusion” series as well, and since I like those pictures of Picard, I figure why limit it to just one series? So here’s the headline:

Improving economy …

… may hurt longtime unemployed

What, you didn’t think that people needing jobs were rooting for the economy not to improve? Why, you probably doubt the wisdom of White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett’s idea that unemployment checks stimulate the economy.

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