The News & Record reports today on Rep. Pricey Harrison’s primary race against former Greensboro City Councilman Mike Kee.

In it, Harrison makes the following boast about her opposition to corporate welfare:

Harrison opposes incentives to businesses, which she sees as a form of “corporate welfare.”


To which the N&R hastily adds “But” — yep, here it comes — and then writes this:

she argues that her efforts have helped grow the North Carolina economy.

Harrison co-sponsored legislation in 2007 that requires power companies to get a portion of their electricity from renewable sources. That has spurred clean-energy job growth, she said. Harrison fought to keep those rules in place in the last session.


In a way, it’s impressive how she was able to make the turn that quickly, that is, to say those two things without cracking up. But then I’ve already remarked on how the solar dance is amazing.

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