So much with which to disagree, so little time. But to start, I disagree that all people fall into one or the other of two mutually exclusive groups: the sane and the insane. I further lack confidence in mortal man’s ability to predict which among us will become mass murderers. After all, in many cases, friends and neighbors are stunned, describing the perp as normal and well-behaved.

Accepting that wackos emerge rather unpredictably, one must next ask how society can best be protected. Tightening the ropes on the insane only worsens their condition. This was evidenced in the case of King George III, and animal rights activists swear chaining dogs makes them mad.

Giving government the exclusive right to keep and bear arms is very appealing. Not only are jackboot thugs known to be immaculately infallible, their uniforms make them less obvious than concealed carriers, and their response times can be almost as fast as citizens, provided we hire enough to police every bed, bath, and beyond.

The problem boils down to the age-old dilemma of how some ought to control others. The common practice is to enact more laws to make life miserable on those who are attempting to do good and obey all laws already in place. Those above the law will obtain weapons illegally, break through windows rather than subject themselves to search and seizure, and murder if they want. Legislators will continue to put feathers in their caps for drafting bills with the word “children” in them.