Now that the extended holiday is over and you have read your reams of articles on how to keep your dogs relaxed and how to make the best chili for your hot dogs, newspapers are still in the doldrums awaiting the return of mischief in elective office. So, to fill the pages today, we have a story about Asheville City Council calling another closed session for Thursday. It will be at 9:00, so the unemployed half of the workforce will be able to show up and hear the mayor announce that council is going into closed session. There may be an announcement following, but there usually isn’t.

With that in mind, I feel I owe it to the two people who read this blog to make it worth their while, so I shall share the favorite quote I read today. It is from economist Alan A. Walters:

Although I concede that in some countries, where fraudulent conversion of public funds to private uses is on a massive scale, it is possible that the fraudulent funds are channeled into productive uses, albeit in the form of capital flight.