So, this thing called Asheville Mutual Aid has formed. The outfit’s web site is not terribly descriptive. It only states that it is a group of people wanting to protect the little guy from abusive landlords and employers. The group tends to demonstrate alongside Marxists, anarchists, and Occupants.

Anyhoo, AMA protested outside Eddie Spaghetti, urging customers to boycott. Speaking from personal experience, Eddie Spaghetti is a great restaurant. For one thing, it sells yummy Italian food, and not some American imitation made with noodles in orange sauce with dog-food pellets. (I can’t compare it to real Italian food, because I always got hungry long before the restaurants opened.) For another, the first time I went there, I was amazed to hear the wait staff discussing philosophy and literature in the kitchen. Thirdly, they have a news stand for the Asheville Tribune, which carries the JLF’s Carolina Journal as an occasional insert. As a general rule, I love Italians and Italian food.

The protest was allegedly instigated by an employee who complained to the AMA about tyrannical working conditions. Eddie’s employs seven people, and at least one disagreed with the protesters. One of the cooks came out and smashed the signs, called the protesters idiots, and told the press they were interfering with the ability of hard-working people to make money they desperately needed. People who find it abusive to have an Italian yelling in their face need some diversity and sensitivity training. [Hint: a Latin acting like a heavily sedated flower child is as fake as noodles in orange sauce with . . . .]

The Mountain Xpress posted a small vid of the action here.