It is fascinating that proposals to require a photo I.D. to vote in North Carolina are characterized as controversial and/or divisive. Actually, polling consistently shows the opposite. The latest Elon University poll confirms – again – that North Carolinians overwhelmingly support the idea.

Nearly three out of four North Carolinians (72 percent) support the idea of requiring voters to show photo identification before being allowed to vote. The findings are consistent to an Elon University Poll conducted in March 2012 that found 74 percent of those surveyed supporting a photo identification requirement for voters.

This year respondents were asked if they possessed a driver’s license or other form of government-issued photo identification. More than 97 percent of respondents said they have some form of photo identification. In the few cases a respondent said they did not have a government issued photo ID, most were young (21 or younger), but a quarter of those without an ID were 65 or older.

Requiring a photo I.D. to vote is only controversial among the progressive chattering class.