The News & Observer ran an op-ed piece this morning by two lefty Ivy League alums that calls for the government to pay for college tuition. They say there is precedent for this:

Lack of money is a legitimate roadblock along millions of students’
paths to higher education. It is not a legitimate reason to fail to
make America stand for the principles we enshrined in the G.I. Bill. 

As I read this article I kept waiting for them to explain to me what
sacrifice, what quid pro quo, a citizen would make in exchange for
having tuition paid by the taxpayer. The G.I. Bill, they never
explicitly mention, required a recipient to serve his country in
exchange for education assistance. For my part, I gave four years of my
life in exchange for enough G.I. Bill to get me through a master’s
degree. What would the callow youth of today give, according to these
Columbia and Brown grads? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I have a suggestion: enlist in the armed forces if you want taxpayers to help you with your education.