In recent weeks, Buncombe County Commissioner Mike Fryar’s appointment to AB Tech’s board of trustees was swept out from him by a fast and furious election of a county commissioner from Madison County. The rapid supplanting took place at an emergency meeting seating Wayne Brigman before Buncombe County finished going through the motions of installing Fryar.

Now, AB Tech President Hank Dunn has publicly admitted the action was no coincidence. He harbors no shame. He explains that he wanted “positive people” on the board, and so it would not have been pretty to seat Fryar, who was a key player in a campaign launched to oppose the sales tax AB Tech requested for its capital improvements.

“If it’s not his way, it’s no way. That’s not a leader, that’s a little Hitler,” Fryar said.

He said Dunn is “one sick puppy.”