No offense to Barbara McRae. She’s just doing the he-said-she-said. However, another irksome thing on the list of “notable accomplishments” for Macon County was:

The county embarked on a comprehensive plan that, in planner Derek Roland’s words, “is being created by the people of Macon County.”

These plans are all supposedly created by the people, but they all end up looking the same. One would think a person with half a brain would see a great cost-saving measure in bypassing public input. But no! People need to be made to feel inclusive; rather, some believe they are too stupid to see they are being used. Any working person who arranges time off to attend these meetings gripes about the Mickey Mouse feel-good and demands justice. The moderator/facilitator rephrases what he says when noting it on the butcher paper. Then, statements like “give us a tax break” get lumped in the same category as “soak the rich” in consolidating issues. Anything that survives gets washed out in the consensus. It got old four years ago.