North Carolina is a leader in pro-growth tax reform. In Monday’s presentation, we will discuss North Carolina’s legacy and our tax climate since the 2013 reforms. We will also dive into the overall state budget: How much do we spend and where does the money come from? And no conversation would be complete without a discussion of our state debt and unfunded liabilities. We will talk about our state’s financial situation – good and bad. Join us!

Shaftesbury is back in-person and will be better than ever! Join us for our re-launch party on Monday, April 18, 2022 from 12:00 until 1:30. This special Shaftesbury will include a special presentation by senior fiscal policy analyst Paige Terryberry, a Q&A, and after-event networking and Locke swag giveaways. Space is limited, so reserve your ticket today!

Portions of this event will also be livestreamed on the John Locke Foundation YouTube Channel and Facebook page.