The Brookings Institution just published “Teacher diversity gaps and their evolution under Trump,” an article that only mentions President Trump once.  Michael Hansen and Diana Quintero write,

Overall, the teacher workforce has trended toward diversity over the last several decades, though these figures cast doubt on whether this trend will continue. President Trump’s top priority in education is expanding school choice, and states are actively pursuing school choice efforts. How choice expands, however, may have important implications for the classroom experience of minority students and teachers (and the diversity gap).

Why only one mention of Trump, even though his name appears in the title?  Clickbate.

Trump has been president for 256 days.  It takes years for the demographics of the teaching profession to change. (Note the researchers examine “several decades” of data.)  So, the idea that anything has “evolved” under President Trump’s watch is ridiculous.

And his administration’s advocacy of choice may do more to diversify the teaching profession than the opposite.  After all, charter and nonpublic schools of choice typically have fewer teacher licensing restrictions, leading to a larger and likely more diverse applicant pool.