An article in the local daily claims that multimodes are shorted in a $1.4 billion highway bond Governor Pat wants to put on the ballot. Well, quite honestly, I was the only person I saw walking down the highway this morning. I know it ain’t right, but it sure beat swimming across the river.

Since my car is once again on the skids, I have once again been astonished at how few multimodal commuters I cross in the two-hour trip. This morning, on the greenway, there was a pack of eleven joggers who all took their cars there, three senior citizens, and a couple others who looked like they were out for fitness reasons. Other than that, I saw one biker. Normally, I see a few vagrants, but they weren’t out this morning. The greenway doesn’t even open until 7:30 in the morning. It had me thinking of an idiom I would prefer to state as “buying one’s cake and eating it, too.” Working taxpayers just don’t have the luxury of enjoying Parks & Recreation.

Another consideration is all the caring, sympathetic people who stop to offer me rides. As I just told somebody, this is Asheville. Shouldn’t I be knocking on the windows of the cars asking if the drivers don’t want to walk?