The latest Forbes magazine includes some interesting thoughts from Steve Forbes about Keynesian economic ideas.

POLITICIANS LOVE the late British economist John Maynard Keynes because he gave intellectual respectability to what politicians love to do: spend other people’s money. Keynes was also an enemy of plying taxes when economies are wobbly, yet his supposed heirs are today crushing consumers and businesses with ever heavier exactions in the face of economic weakness. There hasn’t been such a destructive binge of balancing budgets via taxation since the early 1930s. The results were catastrophic then and won’t lead to a happy outcome today. …

… All of this self-destructive activity makes our own leaders’ performance more bizarre. We have a President whose party’s policymakers supposedly worship Keynes. Yet they are pushing for tax increases that would make Keynes cringe.

Forbes’ comments reminded this reader of a 2009 Carolina Journal Radio/ interview featuring Roy Cordato: