From Alan Murray at Fortune:

The CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are an optimistic bunch this year, with the majority seeing a stronger economy and increased employment, topped off by reduced tax bills. Almost three-quarters believe the U.S. is the still best place in the world to invest money. And most don’t see a recession hitting in the next two years.

So what worries these CEOs? Check this out:

We can’t underestimate the importance to our economy of a free and open market for trade. The president, unfortunately, embraces protectionist policies such as tariffs. Protectionist policies lead to more losers than winners. That said, the president appears to be fully engaged in negotiating a deal that — hopefully — will not include more tariffs. Keep your fingers crossed that the president sees this data from CEOs and takes it to heart.

The Fortune story has more fascinating data from the CEOs. It’s worth your time to check out the charts.