The Rhino’s John Hammer on the Greensboro City Council’s plan to change Lee-Street/High Point Road to ‘Gate City Boulevard’:

So the solution from the City Council is not the obvious – to spend the money and effort it would take to clean up the crime on High Point Road. The City Council is going to solve the crime and economic development problem by changing the name to Gate City Street.

..Evidently changing the name is going to make the crime go away. Perhaps the City Council has a top-secret report that says criminals are attracted to the area because of the name and if the City Council will just change the name the criminals will go somewhere else.

There’s a grain of truth in Hammer’s line about a top secret reports with interesting solutions to the wide world of problems out there. That’s what government perceives to be its job. Meanwhile samples from the N&R survey in today’s print editions weren’t favorable, with one reader suggesting ‘let’s fire whoever thought of this and the ones that followed. There you go, budget cuts.”