The N&O reports:

N.C. House Republicans plan to put a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage to a vote today, House Speaker Thom Tillis said.

If the amendment passes — and Tillis said he is “reasonably confident” — the constitutional ban would appear on the presidential primary ballot in May.

Republicans initially wanted the amendment to make the November 2012 ballot. But Tillis said the May referendum date will “remove the politics from” the vote.

“There has been a lot of accusations that this was purely politically motivate to change the dynamic in November. That takes that argument off the table,” he said.

The speaker also acknowledged that date was designed, in part, to help it garner enough votes to pass.

I’m not exactly sure what Speaker Tillis means, but I say go ahead and take chance and change the dynamic in November. Supporters of President Obama will certainly be doing everything in their power to “change the dynamic” because their candidate won’t have anything better to run on than the (sigh) American Jobs Act.